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1. Lab Ped Yang - $15
Roasted Duck marinated in Lao spices. Sliced thin and tossed with herbs and crushed rice powder. Served over lettuce.

2. Juin Noak - $13 Deep fried quail marinated in lemon grass and house sauce. Served with sweet and sour sauce or Lao chili sauce.

3. Gai Yang - $12 Cornish game hen marinated in coconut milk and curry spices. Baked until tender and then grilled to perfection and served with sweet and sour sauce.

4. Nhem Mou - $12 Mixture of rice, coconut meat, and eggs deep fried. Tossed with roasted peanuts, pork salami, and spices. Served with herbs and lettuce.

5. Goi Goong - $12 Savory prawns tossed with galangal, kaffir leaves, lemon grass, green beans, sprouts, and toasted rice in our tangy house dressing. Served on a bed of lettuce.

6. Toam Kaim Moo - $11 Tender pork stewed in sweet soy sauce with hard boiled eggs, carrots, garlic, and galangal.

7. Soop Khai - $11 Shredded steamed chicken breast tossed with fresh herbs and bean sprouts. Served over lettuce.

8. Lab Sean Sai Kuingnai - $11 Charbroiled beef tossed with a mixture of tripe. Seasoned with herbs and spices. Served with cabbage.

9. Lab Gai Sai Keungnai - $11 Charbroiled chicken tossed with a mixture of gizzards and hearts. Seasoned with galangal, kaffir leaves, and toasted rice. Served with gabbage.

10. Lab Mou Sai Keungnai - $11 Charbroiled pork tossed with a mixture of liver, tripe, and pork rinds. Seasoned with galangal, kaffir leaves, and toasted rice. Served with cabbage.

11. Tam Mak Houng Sai Badaik - $8 Fresh papaya mixed with chili pepper, garlic, cherry tomatoes, shrimp paste, and lime juice. Served with cabbage on the side.